turkey in disguise
The children were told to think of a disguise a turkey could wear to avoid being Thanksgiving  Dinner.  They wrote a story about their  turkey  thinking of a disguise and then  using  a basic turkey pattern created their turkey in its disguise.
The pattern for the turkey is from this site,
http://www.mrspohlmeyerskinderpage.com/thanksgiving.htm .

“Turkey in Disguise”
By 1
    One day a turkey went inside an open door. Then he heard a man’s voice. The man said, “I am going to kill a turkey for Thanksgiving dinner. The turkey had to disguise himself.
    And that is what he did. So he got a costume from a friend. The costume was a statue. He knew no one would eat a statue. So he put it on and he felt safe.
    His costume worked. He was not eaten for Thanksgiving dinner. He was happy. But he was sad too because some of his friends were not as lucky.
“Turkey in Disguise”
By 2
    In the morning a turkey walked by a house. The door was open. She heard, “I can’t wait until we eat that turkey on Thanksgiving Day.” She ran away as fast as she could.
    Then she went to a store. She bought a person costume. She put on the costume. People did not know she was a turkey.
    She walked by people and they thought she was a person. Then she went to a pizza store. There were a lot of people there, but no one noticed she was really a turkey. She went all over the world and not one person knew she was really a turkey. She was safe and no one ate her for Thanksgiving dinner.
“Turkey in Disguise”
By 3
    One day a turkey found out it was Thanksgiving. She was walking by a house and she overheard a boy saying he couldn’t wait to eat turkey for Thanksgiving. She knew she was in trouble. She was scared.
    She decided to disguise herself as a pizza girl. She found a hat and a suit.  She put them on. She was ready to be disguised as a pizza girl.
    Her costume worked. No one knew she was a turkey. She was not eaten for Thanksgiving dinner. She had pizza for Thanksgiving dinner.
“Turkey in Disguise”
By 4
    One fall day a turkey heard the people talking about Thanksgiving. The turkey heard the people talking about eating a Thanksgiving turkey. Every day the turkey thought about being the Thanksgiving turkey and Thanksgiving Day.
    The turkey thought he needed a disguise. He disguised himself as Flash because he can run fast. When he put on the costume he found out he could run very fast. He was the fastest turkey in the world. He was no longer the slowest turkey in the world.
    The turkey’s disguise worked very well. It helped him get away from the hunters and people who wanted to eat him. He was safe. He got away every time and he lived happily ever after.
“Turkey in Disguise”
By 5
    Once there was a turkey. She saw something on TV. It said it was Thanksgiving and time to buy your turkey for dinner. She felt mad.
    Every night she kept thinking about Thanksgiving. She got even madder about Thanksgiving.
    “I will use a trick to protect me,” she said.
    The turkey decided she needed a disguise. She decided to be Spiderman. She wanted to be safe for Thanksgiving.
    “I think Spider man is a very good choice for me. I hope this will work for me,” she said.
    Her costume worked. She was not Thanksgiving dinner.
    “I am so glad that I am not Thanksgiving dinner. Spiderman was a good costume. I won over the people wanting to eat me. I am very glad!” she cried.
“Turkey and Me”
By 6
    I heard a “Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba, and turkey will be for dinner.”
    They were planning to cook my turkey for dinner! I think not!   My turkey will not show up for Thanksgiving dinner.
    I took my turkey to the clothing store. I had my turkey put on a brown shirt, black pants, a hat, and a coat. I then put magic on his clothes. Now he looks like a person. I call him Albert. He can even talk. He says, “Hi, you are nice.”
    No one knew he was a turkey. He was safe. He was not Thanksgiving dinner.
“Turkey Trouble!”
By 7
    One fall day Little Miss Turkey was in the garden when she heard the farmer’s wife say, “Come out, come out, Little Miss Turkey, it’s Thanksgiving!”
    “Oh, no!” Little Miss Turkey thought. “I am going to get eaten!”
    “I need to hide,” she cried.
    “No! I need to get into a disguise,” she thought.
    “What do people not eat?” she asked herself out loud. “I know, a princess!”
    She got to work. First, she called her granny, Mrs. T. Granny knew how to sew. Next, they looked for cloth to sew. Now, they needed a crown. They found one in a bin. Little Miss Turkey tried it on. It fit perfectly.
    When she walked by, everyone moved out of her way. People bowed down to her. She did not get hunted. She never got eaten, forever.
“Turkey in Disguise”
By 8
    One sunny day a turkey was walking by a house. Then he heard someone saying, “I cannot wait for Thanksgiving, the turkey will be delicious.”
    The turkey felt very nervous. He decided to disguise himself. He bought a “Fly” costume. He tried it on. It fit perfectly.
    The next day it was Thanksgiving. The turkey put the fly costume on. Suddenly he heard shooters shooting all his friends. The shooters saw him. They saw a few turkey feathers sticking out of his costume. They knew the turkey was a turkey. The turkey got shot and was Thanksgiving dinner.
“Turkey in Disguise”
By 9
    One sunny fall day my turkey found out that it was Thanksgiving and turkey was for dinner. I felt bad. I like my turkey.  I did not want to have her for dinner.
    My turkey needed a disguise. She dressed up as a cat. She looked like a cat. No one eats a cat for Thanksgiving dinner. No one knew she was a turkey.
    People were fooled. She did not get killed. I love my turkey.  She is now my turkey cat. I gave her a golden chocolate medal. She lived “Happily Ever After.”
"Turkey in Disguise"
By 10
    I have a pet turkey. It was almost Thanksgiving.The turkey ran away. We tried to catch him.
    He went to go live in the west. He got a disguise. He disguised himself as batman. He looked like a Super Hero now.
    He was the best batman ever. He became famous all over the world. He had fun.


“Turkey in Disguise”
By 11
    There once was a turkey in the woods looking for food for Thanksgiving. A hunter almost caught him.  The turkey was afraid.
    So the turkey went to get a disguise.  He did not want to get caught and be Thanksgiving dinner. The turkey got an Easter bunny costume. He thought it would be a good costume.
    When the hunter saw the turkey, he thought he was the Easter Bunny. He did not shoot him. The turkey was safe. He did not get eaten for Thanksgiving dinner.
“Turkey in Disguise”
By 12
    The turkey overheard some hunters saying they were going to hunt him for Thanksgiving dinner. So he went to hide. Then the people came out to hunt for the turkey. He was hiding in a tree and they did not find him.
    He decided he needed a disguise. He dressed up as a five dollar bill. It was the best costume. He liked it.
    The turkey even fooled my dad. He fooled everyone in the world. He did not get killed. He was safe. No one had him for Thanksgiving dinner.
“Turkey in Disguise”
By 13
    One day there was a turkey in the woods. She overheard two people say, “Let’s get us a turkey for Thanksgiving.”
    Then Mrs. Turkey screamed, “Aaaaaaaa!” She was frightened and scared. She needed a disguise.
    She went to a store and looked for a disguise. She found a princess disguise.  When nobody was looking she put on the disguise.  When anybody walked by her they would bow. When the hunters came by they only saw a princess and not a turkey in a princess disguise.
    The disguise worked. No one knew she was a turkey. She was safe. The other turkeys got eaten for Thanksgiving dinner and she went on with her day. She was alright.
"The Disguise"
By 14
    One sunny morning the turkey heard a noise. The noise that he heard was a hunter who hunts, cooks, and eats turkeys. The turkey was sad.
    The turkey had a plan. His disguise was Flash. Flash can run fast. Flash can spin really fast. The turkey could run really fast like Flash. The turkey fooled the hunter. He was safe.
    He joined the Super Heroes. They did not know he was a turkey. One day they saw his tail feathers. Then he had to go home and be a turkey.
“Turkey in Disguise”
By 15
    One day there was a turkey. The turkey knew it was Thanksgiving because last year he heard the farmer say, “Well only one week until Thanksgiving where we celebrate the Pilgrims, tell what we are thankful for, and EAT TURKEY.” Luckily last year they picked a different turkey. So this year the turkey decided to wear a disguise.
    He decided to be a cow. But he didn’t know how to make a cow disguise. So he decided to be a horse. But he did not know how to build a horse disguise. So he decided to be a chicken and he knew how to build that. The night before Thanksgiving the family chose a turkey. It was his friend. He thought of saving him, but he thought it was better for him to live than his friend (He’s not a good friend.). The night after Thanksgiving the family said, “Let’s eat a chicken tonight.” So he took off his costume and went back to being an ordinary turkey. That’s how he’s still alive.
“Turkey in Disguise”
By 16
    Turkey saw in the newspaper that he was going to get eaten. He did not want to be eaten for Thanksgiving. He was scared.
    Turkey had a plan to dress up. Turkey got a disguise. Turkey dressed as a cat. He was safe because the hunter thought he was a cat.
    The turkey fooled the hunter. The hunter was sad because he did not have a turkey. He could not find another turkey. So the hunter did not have a Thanksgiving dinner with a roasted turkey. But the turkey was happy.
“Turkey in Disguise”
By 18
    Once it was almost time for Thanksgiving. A turkey saw some people hunting for turkeys for Thanksgiving dinner. He ran away to hide. When it was safe, he went home.
    The turkey decided he needed to wear a disguise. He dressed as a pine tree - a very big pine tree. His costume was itchy. He wanted to take it off, but he was afraid to take it off.
    The turkey’s costume worked because no one knew he was a turkey. The feathers around his face were green, so no one could tell he was really a turkey. The turkey kept on his costume. The people never saw him again. Next Thanksgiving they still never found him. He was never eaten for Thanksgiving dinner.
“Turkey in Disguise”
By 19
    One day a turkey named Dafny was walking down a garden path. She overheard someone say, “I can’t wait until we have turkey for Thanksgiving dinner.” She was worried. “What should I do?” she asked herself.
    Then she remembered that her granny was a famous costume designer. So she went to her granny’s house. She asked her granny, “May I have a dog costume?”
    Her granny said, “Yes, I will make you a dog costume.”
    “Thank you,” said Dafny.
    Dafny put on the costume.
    “This looks great granny,” Dafny cried. She gave her granny a big hug and walked out the door. As she left she whispered to herself, “I will try and trick someone.” But the first time she tried the plan, it did not work. They saw her feathers under the costume.   They had her for Thanksgiving dinner. She was delicious.


“Turkey in Disguise”
By 20
    One day a turkey was walking in a garden by a house. He saw in the window, “delicious.” But he didn’t see the word, “turkeys.” He kept walking down the path in the garden. He saw a sign that said, “YUM.” But he didn’t know what that meant. But then he saw a poster that said, “YUM! TURKEYS!” Then he stepped on a paper that said, “How much do you love Thanksgiving and delicious turkeys?” He finally realized that they were having turkeys for Thanksgiving dinner. He needed to hide.
    The turkey got a disguise. He dressed up as a pretend ballerina. He had blond hair, white pants, and pink shoes. He pretended he was a real ballerina. He even tried to dance like a ballerina.
He went in the house. When he danced through the kitchen, his disguise fell off! The people had been looking for a turkey. They had found him! He ran and ran, but the people caught him. Then they ate him for Thanksgiving dinner.
“Turkey in Disguise”
By 21
    Once upon a time Mr. Turkey was by a house. The Mr. Turkey heard people saying they needed a turkey for Thanksgiving dinner. Mr. Turkey ran into the garden. In the afternoon he stopped. Mr. Turkey thought he needed a disguise.
    Mr. Turkey thought a pizza man costume would be a good disguise. He went to the store to buy a costume like a pizza man. He put on the costume. When he was done, he looked like a pizza man.
    The disguise worked. Everyone was fooled. They thought he was a pizza man. He did not get eaten for Thanksgiving dinner.
“Turkey in Disguise”
By 22
    Once there was a turkey and it was almost Thanksgiving. The turkey was looking at a billboard. It said, “Buy a Turkey.” The turkey was very nervous and scared. He ran home. It was almost Thanksgiving. He hated Thanksgiving.
    The turkey decided to put on a disguise. The turkey disguised himself as a monkey. Then it was Thanksgiving.
    He was walking down the street when he saw his turkey friend. He screamed when he saw his turkey friend. His friend was not wearing a disguise. His friend knew he was in danger and decided to run and hide. The people chased his friend.  Even though his friend hid behind a store, the people found him.  His friend was eaten by the people.  The people did not eat the turkey because they thought he was a monkey. 
    A week later the turkey took off his costume and the people saw that he was a turkey. They caught him and ate him. He was so, so, so delicious. But then the people were sad because their bellies hurt and they felt so, so, bad.
"Turkey Story"
By 23
    One day a turkey was walking down the sidewalk. He saw a sign in the window that said, "Happy Thanksgiving."
    "Oh no," said the turkey. "I have to hide."

    The turkey dressed up like a doctor. The masks helped hide his neck. And his hat covered his head. He wore a white coat to hide his feathers.
    He walked around all day dresses as a doctor. He made it home safe and took off his mask.
    "I'm safe until next year," he said as he laughed.




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