turkey in disguise
The children were told to think of a disguise a turkey could wear to avoid being Thanksgiving  Dinner.  They wrote a story about their  turkey  thinking of a disguise and then  using  a basic turkey pattern created their turkey in its disguise.
The pattern for the turkey is from this site,
http://www.mrspohlmeyerskinderpage.com/thanksgiving.htm .

"The Turkey"
by 1
    It was Thanksgiving. We went to buy the turkey. The turkey knew she was in danger. She saw a sign on the wall. She kept hiding in different places in the store.
    Mrs. Turkey decided to make costume so people would not notice her. Mrs. Turkey's costume will be a human so she can look like everybody else. That way nobody will notice that she is a turkey. 
    Mrs. Turkey's plan worked. Now people think Mrs. Turkey is a human. Mrs. Turkey was invited to dinner. So Mrs. Turkey got dressed up for the turkey dinner and had Thanksgiving with the people. She ate only vegetables and pumpkin pie.
"The Turkey Who Was Not Ready for Thanksgiving"
by 2
    When my turkey was passing by my house, she heard my mom and dad talking about Thanksgiving.
    "I have to get a disguise," she cried. I can be a human! I will order on my computer. Wit! I don't have a computer. I will use their computer. The next day it arrived. She sat in the barn thinking about Thanksgiving the next day. She hoped her disguise worked. The next day she got her disguise on. "I hope this works," she said again.
    She walked out the door and everybody said, "Who are you!" And she said, "I aa aa aa aa aa am Juileyes!" "Juileyes, do you want to have Thanksgiving?" they asked. And she said, "Yes, but I don't like turkey." "It's ok, we don't either," they explained.
"The Danger of Thanksgiving"
by 3
    In the morning Mr. Turkey went on Facebook. His friend Kristy posted, "Thanksgiving is coming!" "Thanksgiving is coming!?" yelled Mr. Turkey. "I'm not ready for Thanksgiving," said Mr. Turkey.
    So he ran off to the costume store to blend in. When Mr. Turkey got in the store the turkey that worked there told him that a hunter costume was half off. "Really?!" asked Mr. Turkey. "Yes, Really," she said. So he grabbed the costume, paid for it, went in his car, and went home. When Mr. Turkey got home he put the costume on, looked in the mirror, and went outside.
    Some hunters came by and thought he was a real hunter. So they asked if he wanted to come to a Thanksgiving dinner with them. "Sure," said Mr. turkey. So they headed to the hunter's truck, got in, and headed to the Thanksgiving dinner. When they got there their family members asked who Mr. Turkey was. They said he was a friend and it looked like he hadn't eaten for days. "Well then let's eat," said one of the family members. So they ate, but Mr. Turkey's ham was so cold he asked how to warm it up. They said, "You can warm it up in the oven." "OK," said Mr. Turkey. "How do you work this thinhg?" asked Mr. Turkey. "Just twist the thing," said one of the hunters. So after the Thanksgiving dinner he went home and told his family what had happened.
"The Turkey"
by 4
    One dark and stormy night there was a turkey and another turkey. The turkey's best friend called and he said, "It's Thanksgiving, hide!"
    Then the turkey went to the store anhd got a costume to look like a human.
    Next he put it on Thanksgiving night. And the disguise worked and everything was ok.
by 5
    One day there was a sign. It said, "Thanksgiving is coming tomorrow."  "I better tell the turkeys," I said. My name is Dean Turkey. I am scared.
    I need to get brown material for my disguise. I don't have brown material. I need to make leaves quickly. I see some are green.  I've got green material. I am going to make it by myself.
    I did ""it"" !!!! I made my disguise of leaves. No one will eat me now.

"The Turkey"
by 6
    Turkey was walking down the street. He saw a sign. The sign said, "Get a fresh turkey." He was not happy because he was the dinner.
    Turkey decided to dress up like a person. He got the costume from a friend. He had glasses. He had shoes. He got dressed up.
    He didn't get caught. Then Turkey had a party. He ran around the yard and the people saw he was a turkey. Luckily Thanksgiving was over.
"The Turkey"
by 7
    One day a turkey heard someone talking about Thanksgiving. They said, "Turkeys are delicious on Thanksgiving." The turkey was unhappy.
    He got a costume. It was a dog costume. He put it on. He tried to bark. All he said was, "Bobble."
    He went outside. No one knew he was a turkey. He was safe and happy. He had a good Thanksgiving.
"Mr. Turkey"
by 9
    Mr. Turkey was working on the internet. He decided to drive to the store. While listening to the radio he heard that Thanksgiving was coming soon. He became scared. He knew he was going to get shot.
    The turkey ordered a costume on the internet. He hoped he would get it by Thanksgiving Day. The costume would be a skeleton suit so he wouldn't be eaten for dinner. The people would think he was funny and not shoot him.
    The people laughed at him. Mr. Turkey ran off to the woods. He took a nap. When he woke up Thanksgiving was over.
"My Turkey"
by 10
    Once there was a turkey. His name was Bob. He didn't know it was almost Thanksgiving. He saw a hunter and he realized it was Thanksgiving. He was in trouble.
    The next day he planned to disguise himself as a dog. So he got an envelope and mailed an order through the post office. Bob knew it was a good costume. He did not want to see a dead turkey.
    Bob was out in the city and he was wearing the dog costume. He was caught by the dog catcher. He was adopted by a little boy. His costume worked!
"The Turkey"
by 11
    The turkey saw an ad. The turkey saw the hunters. The turkey saw his brother. The turkey saw his mom. He saw his dad and his sister. Mom, dad, and his sister had not seen him for a hundred years. The turkey hugged his mom  and his dad. The turkey was scared. Suddenly he could not find his mom or dad.
    He found a dog costume. He put it on.
    The hunter saw him and thought he was a dog. The hunter kept him as a pet. The turkey was scared when the hunter kept him as a pet. the turkey was scared for all of his life.
"The Turkey"
by  12
    The turkey heard the man say that it was Thanksgiving. The turkey was named Bobby Joe. He saw a hunter. Then he saw another hunter. That is how he knew that it was Thanksgiving.
    When he saw the man he ran to a costume that his friend had given him. He put on the crocodile costume. The man came out of the house looking for the turkey.
    When the man tried to get a turkey, all he saw was a green crocodile. Then the man was scared. He ran into the house. He said, "We have to cancel Thanksgiving because we do not have a turkey!"
"The Turkey"
by 13
    One dark and stormy night turkey's friend called him and said Thanksgiving is coming and they eat turkeys. the turkey started to run in circles. Then he hit the wall!
    Then he went to Walmart. He bought jeans, a fake mustache, a t-shirt, and underwear. He put on his costume.
    On Thanksgiving he went out of his house. It worked. Everyone thought he was a person.
"My Turkey"
by 14
    I will call my turkey Matthew. Matthew does not like Thanksgiving. I will not let my turkey anywhere near people. I don't want my turkey to get eaten.
    My turkey will have a costume that will be an emperor. Emperors always get what they want. Now my turkey will not get eaten.
    My turkey got invited to dinner. The plan worked. Emperors always get what they want. But the costume ripped.  The turkey escaped just in time. The End
"The Day of Danger"
by 15
    One day a turkey found out that Thanksgiving was coming soon. She was afraid a hunter would come and she would hurt Mrs. Turkey.  Then her friend called her and said the store was selling turkeys and one of them was her mom.
    Her friend said, "So I don't care if you can't call me at this time because  I'm sad because Thanksgiving is coming.  You know when Thanksgiving comes, it makes me mad Thanksgiving is right around the corner."  "I will get a disguise and be a pretty princess," said Mrs. Turkey.
    "Then nobody will know who I am, " said Mrs. Turkey. Now nobody will eat her for Thanksgiving dinner. Everybody will be kind to a pretty princess. Then maybe she can even eat Thanksgiving dinner with the king and queen. The king and queen let her come to Thanksgiving dinner and she could sleep over. They thought she was a pretty princess and not a turkey. Mrs. Turkey said, "I got to wear a nightgown to bed. It was pink and red." The plan worked.
by 17
    A guy was walking in the woods with his friend talking about Thanksgiving. My turkey heard them. He ran and ran until he finally stopped at a house. It was my house. The guy came out of the woods. He tried to shoot the turkey but the turkey ducked.
    The turkey came inside. I helped my turkey dress up. He was hiding from Thanksgiving. I gave him a costume. It was a rabbit.
     I kept him in a big cage so he could blend in. When Thanksgiving was over I released him into the wild.   
"The Turkey Dinner"
by 18
    One night a turkey heard people talking about Thanksgiving. The turkey knew she was in danger.
    The turkey thought I will get a costume. I will be a princess. Nobody will hurt a princess. A princess is so pretty.
    Maybe somebody will invite her to turkey dinner. And that is what happened. She was invited to a Thanksgiving Dinner. She loved her dinner.
"The Turkey"
by 19
    One day Mark saw hunters outside. He asked them what day it was. "It is Thanksgiving," the hunters said. Then he started to run away into his house.
    He made a suit and a hat. He went outside. He hunted for nothing. He walked with the hunters. Did they know if it was him?
    He was in a hunter disguise. The hunters did not know he was a turkey. He spent the day with them.  They did not catch any turkeys. The turkey was safe for Thanksgiving.
"Mrs. Turkey in Danger"
by 20
    Once there was a turkey walking in the woods. She heard people talking about getting a turkey. She heard them getting their guns. She started to run.
    The turkey  found herself by a store. She went in and found a costume to be her disguise. She decided to be a princess.
    It worked, the turkey didn't become dinner. Now the turkey got invited to dinner because of its costume. The turkey did not eat any turkey. The turkey actually liked Thanksgiving.

"The Turkey Day"
by 21
    The turkey went to the barn and saw a sign. The sign said "Guns for sale to get a turkey."
    The turkey said,"Now I got to get out of here. I've got to get a costume. I will get a cat costume." The turkey asked his cousin for a cat costume.
    The turkey got invited to the dinner. The costume worked. No one saw a turkey. The people saw a cat and said, "Awwa, what a nice cat." The turkey was safe.
"My Turkey"
by  22
    Once there was a turkey. He was scared because he didn't know when it was Thanksgiving. Then his friend came. It was Thanksgiving. The turkey didn't know it was Thanksgiving until his friend told him. His friend found out in October when he was out and he looked at the newspaper. He decided he needed to go out and tell his friends.  
    The turkey ordered a costume that looked like a princess on the internet. Then he got a costume that looked like a Superman so that could scare people. Then he looked for a costume at a store that looked like a person. Then he went to the store and got a Batman suit.    
    He went to the hunters' camp. He acted like Superman. It didn't work because the suit didn't work. He stayed alive because he acted like a person. It didn't keep working because he acted like a turkey. He ran away and hid until Thanksgiving was over.

by 23
    On November 2, 2013 Mrs. Turkey found out that Thanksgiving was coming up. She knew she was in trouble. She found a good hiding spot when no one would get her.
    Second she thought and bought a girl scout costume. She next put a girl's wig on. She tried to sell cookies. Nobody wanted any.
    They invited her in for dinner. They had chicken, pumpkin pie with whipped cream, and mashed potatoes with gravy. Mr. Turkey was glad she did not see turkey on her plate. She thanked them.
by 24
    As I was in the woods on Thanksgiving I saw a man. It was a hunter. Then I said, "What are you hunting for?" "I think you should go because I am hunting for you," said the hunter. "I will go. I am running away from you," I said. "I do not want to get shot." "Run!" said the hunter. "Go! I think you should run as fast as you can," said the hunter.
    I will dress up as a pumpkin. They will not think I am a turkey.  They won't notice me. They will put a candle in me so I will light up. That will be a good costume for me. It will really be good to put in a house. They will say look at that pumpkin we put up for a decoration. It was mean of the hunter to try and shoot me.
    The disguise worked for me. I liked the disguise because it was good. I carved it out of a pumpkin. It kept me alive. My costume has worked so far. Now I will not be dinner. Everybody ate turkey but not me. The pumpkin decoration was the best costume. Then the I got out because they were done with dinner. At last I was safe. I was happy to get out of the disguise . I thought it would be good if I could light the candle. I carved it and I should light it. But I knew I had to leave.
    I wanted to leave and stop the bad hunters. I thought I should snatch their guns so no mean hunters could come after me.l The hunters should let the animals live. I will stop it now or never unless someone comes for the hunters . I will be waiting for you hunters. Then it will be okay. I will stop you.
"The Thanksgiving"
by 25
    One day the turkey heard on TV that Thanksgiving was coming up. He was scared because it was Thanksgiving. He needed to hide now.
    He disguised himself as a dog. He put it on. It looked good. It looked great but it had a rip in it.
    He got eaten. He had the worst Thanksgiving. The people had a wonderful Thanksgiving.
"The Turkey"
by 26
    `Once there was a turkey. He was walking around a pond. He was walking around the pond everyday. He kept walking around the pond until one day when he heard strange voices. He heard footsteps. He ran to his house and he looked in his mail. He had a newspaper. On the newspaper it said, "Thanksgiving is coming."
    In the mail there was a costume. He put it on. It was a bear costume.
    It worked because it scared people. And nobody ate him.
"Mr. Turkey"
by 27
    One day Mr. Turkey came out and he heard the farmer saying, "I am going to eat Mr. Turkey." Mr. Turkey was worried even though Thanksgiving was not going to be here for a while, Mr. Turkey was still worried.  So he hid for the whole night.
    In the morning Mr. Turkey got a disguise from the mailman. His costume was a dog. He was a dog because no one would eat a dog. He wore his costume. It fit. So he went to bed in his costume.
    Mr. Turkey's disguise worked. Mr. Turkey was happy. He was safe. He saved his disguise for next year so he was safe every year.  Mr. Turkey was not worried any more. Mr. Turkey felt safe every day now and he was.
"Mr. Turkey in Danger"
by  28
    Mr. Turkey was worried about Thanksgiving. He wasn't really worried about Thanksgiving. He was worried about himself more than anything else. He thought and thought and thought and he came up with an idea.
    The idea was putting on a disguise. That night he sneaked into a his store. He got his crocodile disguise. His costume fit just right. He went back to his house.
    It was the next day. He was proud. The humans searched for Mr. Turkey. Then the humans saw Mr. Turkey in disguise. They didn't know it was Mr. Turkey. They screamed and ran for their lives. Mr. Turkey was safe.
"The Turkey's Thanksgiving"
by 29
    It was close to Thanksgiving and deep in the woods a turkey read the paper. It said, "Buy your turkey now." The turkey was scared. He tried to hide in a hole of a tree. But he could not fit. He did not notice the hunter in the woods. The hunter left. The turkey found a bush and got glue and glued leaves to himself. One hour later he was a bush. He saw the hunter. He jumped into the bush. The hunter saw something move, but thought it was just the wind. The hunter did not see the turkey. So the disguise worked. The turkey felt a lot better. Another hunter came. The turkey hid in the bush again. The hunter left. The turkey had tricked another hunter. He had a safe Thanksgiving.
"Barnaby the Turkey"
by 30
    Barnaby the Turkey wearing a football costume goes to camp for dinner.
    Friends of Barnaby, raccoon, squirrel, chipmunk, bear took off his helmet. They saw he was a turkey but it's okay, because they only eat cake and fruit pies for dinner!



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