turkey in disguise
The children were told to think of a disguise a turkey could wear to avoid being Thanksgiving  Dinner.  They wrote a story about their  turkey  thinking of a disguise and then  using  a basic turkey pattern created their turkey in its disguise.

peacock turkey
“The Turkey in Disguise”
    Once upon a time there was a turkey.  The turkey was walking past a farm yard.  He heard the farmer’s wife yell, “Make sure you get a turkey!”  Then the turkey got scared and ran. 
    My turkey dressed up as a peacock.  He went to the dollar store and picked up some feathers.  Then he went home.  He looked like a peacock with bright feathers. 
    It did not work because he did not cover up his feathers and when he ran the farmer saw him.  Then that night the farmer went hunting and got him.  Then the farmer’s wife asked him if he got a turkey.  But the farmer could not hear her until she came out.  Then the farmer showed her the turkey. 

pilgrim turkey
“The Turkey in Disguise”
    The turkey found out Thanksgiving was coming when an old man was saying that he needed a turkey.  The turkey was very upset.  He did not want to die. 
    He went back to his place in the woods.  He heard an old man talking to his best friend about Thanksgiving.  The turkey got a disguise as a pilgrim. 
    He was walking in the woods.  He walked by the old man who was talking about Thanksgiving.  The old man said, “What are you doing out here?”  The old man invited him to dinner.  They were eating dinner when the turkey’s disguise ripped.  The old man ate him. 

tree turkey
“The Turkey in Disguise”
    Once there was a turkey. He was afraid of Thanksgiving. He was afraid of people eating him. He thought and thought and thought and thought. Then he got it.
    He made a turkey in disguise costume. It had bark. It had leaves. It had bugs and birds. It was heavy!
    The turkey said, “Let’s give it a try.” So he did. When he did, he had a good surprise. The people did not eat him. They did not know he was a turkey. He was so happy. His turkey in disguise costume had worked and he was safe.
fsrmer turkey
“The Turkey in Disguise”
    Once there was a turkey who was living his life.  Then he saw a big billboard.  He saw that it said, “Thanksgiving is coming.”  When he saw that he got worried.  He knew what people do at Thanksgiving-EAT TURKEYS! 
    Then he got the idea to be in disguise.  He knew that his farmer had a farmer costume.  The farmer was out for vacation for the week.  He left his work clothes at the barn.  So the turkey went to the barn and took the work clothes.  He knew people wouldn’t eat a farmer.  So he got the costume.  He hoped it would work. 
    He put on the costume and walked outside.  For some reason everybody was looking at him.  He remembered he had to act like a human.  The farmer’s family called his phone.  The turkey answered the phone.  They invited him to dinner.  The turkey said ok.  When he got there they noticed a smell, a turkey smell.  Feathers started to come out of the costume.  They started to come closer to the turkey.  Then they grabbed the turkey and put him in the oven.  Then they all ate him. 
spy costume
“The Turkey in Disguise”
    One day a turkey watched the news.  And then he remembered it was Thanksgiving.  And he was the last turkey in town.  But luckily he thought of an idea. 
    He had a spy costume from Halloween.  He lived right next to a spy club.  So he put on his costume.  And went to the spy club. 
    There was a person named Bill.  But Bill saw his tail feathers.  So he told everyone in the club.  Then everyone was chasing him all the way home.  He made it home before everyone and he locked them outside.  He was safe.

rock turkey
“The Turkey in Disguise”
    One day a turkey found out about Thanksgiving because people were hunting turkeys.  The people chased the turkey and he ran away.  But tomorrow they will try again.  The turkey hopes they won’t get him. 
    He stayed home and did stuff.  His disguise worked and he was so happy.  And he got home and the turkey needed a new disguise.  He picked a rock.  He made it with a larger rock and a shirt.  He glued rocks on it. 
    A man picked him up because he wanted a rock for his collection.  The turkey went to sleep.  He did not want to be dinner.  So he just kept quiet in the collection. 

leaf pile turkey
“The Turkey in Disguise”
    One day the turkey heard the farmer on the phone.  He heard that the farmer was going to eat the turkey for Thanksgiving.  Then the turkey got scared.  The turkey went to tell the other turkeys. 
    The next day the turkey had an idea.  He could put on a disguise.  He was going to be a leaf pile.  It had read leaves, brown leaves, orange leaves, and a little bit of yellow leaves.  He picked it because nobody was going to find out that it was him. 
    Soon it was Thanksgiving Day and the farmer had not found a single turkey.  The turkey was still alive.  The disguise worked.  The turkey went to find the other turkeys when the farmer caught him.  The farmer ate him for Thanksgiving.

“The Turkey in Disguise”
    One fall day a turkey walked by a house.  He saw the people watching TV.  He saw that it was Thanksgiving.  So he went off to hide behind a tree. 
    The turkey had an idea.  He went to find a disguise.  He snuck into the store.  He put on the person disguise. 
    The people went to look for a turkey.  They saw the turkey’s feathers sticking out of his disguise.  The people went after him.  They tried to catch the turkey.  The turkey ran as fast as he could.  The turkey got away.  He was very lucky. 

santa turkey
“The Turkey in Disguise”
    One day a farmer was talking to his daughter.  The farmer was looking for food.  He looked at his turkey.  He told the turkey he would be good for dinner. 
    The turkey dressed up like Santa Claus.  He looked silly in his costume.  He bought it at the store.
    It was a great costume.  She was nice the children. 

“The Turkey in Disguise”
    Once upon a time there was a dumb turkey.  The turkey said, “I’m a dumb turkey.  My name is Weirdo.  I know it is a holiday, but what is this holiday, Thanksgiving? 
    I think I should dress up as a human in disguise.  I think that’s a good idea because no one eats a human unless they are a wolf.”  The turkey said, “So far so good.”  And the feathers didn’t show at all. 
    But after a few hours her feathers started to show.  Then the people realized he was a turkey.  Then they ate him.

turkey cow
 “The Turkey in Disguise”

    One day a turkey found out it was Thanksgiving because he heard the farmer say Thanksgiving was coming. The farmer said he was going to eat the turkey. The turkey felt sad.
    The turkey dressed up like a cow. The next day the farmer went to go get milk from the turkey cow. But he couldn’t get any milk from the turkey cow.
    Then the zipper broke on the turkey’s cow costume. The farmer knew it was the turkey in a cow costume. The farmer caught the turkey for dinner.


turkey pizza man
“The Turkey in Disguise”
    The turkey saw an ad for turkeys in the newspaper.  He felt scared.  He told his friend. 
    He had a plan.  He was going to dress-up in a costume.  He got a pizza cook outfit.  He put it on.  He looked funny. 
    Then something bad happened.  His costume fell off.  He got eaten at the end.
“The Turkey in Disguise”

    Once there was a turkey.  His name is Gobbles.  He loved to eat corn.  Then he realized it was Thanksgiving. 
    “What will I do?” he said.  “I need a costume before I get eaten for Thanksgiving dinner”, Gobbles said.  “I will make one”, he said.  “I will make a dog costume out of wool with fake ears.”  “It is time to get my costume”, Gobbles said.  “I should dress up before it becomes morning”, he said. 
    “No!  No!” he cried.  “It’s ripping.  What should I do?  I have to hide.”  When he was in the deep dark woods hiding he heard a noise.  It was three hunters.  He ran and ran and ran as fast as his little feet could go.  He finally got away and he was happy!

turkey scarecrow
“The Turkey in Disguise”

    One day there was a very silly turkey.  He felt that cool breeze.  So he knew it was time for Thanksgiving.  And he knew that turkeys get eaten at Thanksgiving.  And he also knew that he would be on the menu. 
    So then the next day the turkey had an idea.  He was going to disguise himself as a scarecrow.  The scarecrow looked like fall colors.  He got it from a fall shop.  He actually looked like a real turkey scarecrow. 
    So then the next day the turkey walked to the house.  The mom saw the turkey and used him as a decoration.  And he didn’t get caught.  So the turkey had a great Thanksgiving.

“The Turkey in Disguise”
    One day there was a turkey in the field.  The turkey’s name is Gobble Gobble.  But one day in the newspaper there was a big box.  It said that it’s Thanksgiving time.  So the turkey ran around the field.  The turkey remembered to remind his friends. 
    The turkey had an idea that he was going to disguise himself as a cat.  So the turkey looked for a lot of hair.  When he was done collecting hair, the turkey put the hair all over himself.  He started to act like a cat. 
    The turkey did not get caught.  He was surprised that he did not get caught.  His costume worked.  He lived happily ever after.  The End!

turkey frog
“The Turkey in Disguise”
    Once there was a turkey who was wandering around. Then one November day he went to a town. He looked into someone’s window and saw the TV. He saw a man on the TV and the man was talking. The man said, “I am so excited to eat turkey on Thanksgiving Day.”
    So the turkey decided to dress up as a frog. He knew that people didn’t eat frogs. His feathers did not show. The people did not think he was a turkey.
    The turkey was glad the people did not make him for dinner. Three days after Thanksgiving the turkey took off his frog suit. The same thing happened the next Thanksgiving. So he put on his frog suit and he was safe again.
turkey tree
“The Turkey in Disguise”
    The turkey found out that it was going to be Thanksgiving when he looked at his calendar.  The turkey found out he was going to be on the menu when I brought home the school menu.  I read the menu and the turkey heard me.  The turkey said, “No!” 
    The turkey ran away.  Then, the turkey wanted to blend in with the trees so no bad guys could see him.  The turkey found some branches.  He twisted them and pulled them from the tree.  He got a tree stump to put his feet through.  The turkey covered his body with leaves. 
    The costume did not work because the bad guys knew there was not a tree there.  The turkey was being noisy so they found him.  On Thanksgiving Day, they ate the turkey.

turkey pizza guy spy
“The Turkey in Disguise”
    The turkey heard the farmer tell his family it was Thanksgiving.  We are having turkey for Thanksgiving.  The turkey was sad. 
    He thought of a plan.  He dressed up as a pizza delivery guy and a secret spy in a trash can.  He did not want to be in a trash can, but it was his only hope.  He got the trash can at the mall. 
    His costume worked well.  He got a job at the pizza place.  He did a good job.  He earned a lot of money.  He was safe and not Thanksgiving Dinner. 

turkey panda
“The Turkey in Disguise”
    The turkey was going to town one sunny day to get fruit and food.  Then he saw a poster on the wall.  It said that it was Thanksgiving Day.  He got scared. 
    He got white fur and black fur.  He sewed it and stitched it.  He was going to wear it because it was a good disguise.  He was going to be a panda.  It was a good disguise. 
    He went through the town.  Then he went to the people’s town.  Then someone invited him to dinner.  Then when he started to eat they found out he was a turkey.  So they ate him.

turkey acorn
“The Turkey in Disguise”
    Once there was a turkey.  He overheard the farmer and the farmer said tomorrow is Thanksgiving.  The turkey panicked.  “What will I do?” he screamed.  The farmer said, “I am ready to cook him.” 
    The turkey was panicking and panicking.  So he had a plan to disguise himself as an acorn.  Then nobody would eat him.  It was the perfect plan.  Then he started to make it.  He got some acorns and covered his feathers.  Then he looked like an acorn. 
    The farmer saw the turkey.  He said, “That is one big acorn!”  So he left to go find the turkey.  “Yes it worked!” the turkey shouted.  The plan worked but then the disguise ripped down the side.  The farmer saw it was the turkey and said, “Time to eat the turkey!”  The turkey cried, “No!”  And he ran away.

“The Turkey in Disguise”
    There was a turkey.  He overheard the farmer.  He was talking about Thanksgiving.  He was frightened and he screamed. 
    He got an idea.  His idea was to dress-up.  He was going to wear something fun.  It was going to be from Minecraft.  It’s Dan tdm. 
    It’s going to be so much fun.  And he won’t get caught.  It worked and he was safe.

turkey frog
“The Turkey in Disguise”
    Once there was a turkey and the turkey did not know it was Thanksgiving.  All the other turkeys were scared.  The next day the farmer picked him up and said, “it is almost time for Thanksgiving.”  The turkey shouted, “Thanksgiving!”  And that’s how he found out about Thanksgiving and he did not like it. 
    The turkey found out it was Thanksgiving so he got a disguise.  He dressed up as a frog.  He got face paint, fake eyes, and fake frog feet.  And that was his disguise.  He hoped his disguise worked. 
    He started walking.  Everyone thought he was a frog!  And that was great because he did not have to be Thanksgiving dinner!

turkey pogo
“The Turkey in Disguise”
    Once there was a turkey.  His name was Mr. Feathers.  He was worried about Thanksgiving.  He did not want to be on the menu. 
    He tried on a pogo stick.  He had a drill and drilled a hole in it.  He tied it to himself. 
    His disguise did not work.  The people heard him gobble.  Then he got eaten.




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